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CANNONBALL EXPRESS 3: Train Robbers of Mars (Hardcover)

CANNONBALL EXPRESS 3: Train Robbers of Mars (Hardcover)

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“Wow! It’s BUFFY meets FIREFLY on Mars with trains!”

- Barry J. Hutchison, bestselling author of SPACE TEAM

The Cannonball Express. On the wild-west railroads of Mars, no other locomotive can touch her. As far as engineer-owner Jess Flint is concerned, friends and family are the only things she loves more. So when somebody goes and steals Jess’s steam-powered pride and joy, pity the robbers.

Because now it’s up to Jess and her best friend Sally to saddle up, follow those departing rail wagons, and teach some blackhats a goddamn lesson in civility.

Well... that was the plan.

What wasn't the plan was infiltrating mysterious underground bunkers, escaping deadly flesh-stripping acid baths, and becoming a two-gal snack for Mars’s biggest and hungriest critter. All while neglecting to wear anything other than their pajamas.

Oh, and let’s not forget the impending nuclear catastrophe our two unlucky heroines inadvertently trigger, set to vaporize thousands of innocent Martian colonists in a single blast…

Kit Kane’s CANNONBALL EXPRESS is interplanetary adventure at full-throttle - an ongoing series of standalone steampunk space western sci-fi books brimming with action, monsters, comedy, and heart.


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CANNONBALL EXPRESS - A Steampunk Space Western Sci-Fi Books Series - READER REVIEWS



A brilliant take on the steampunk space western sci-fi genre that transforms the traditional Mars that we know so well and transforms it into a rich canvas for smoke and fire action. Kit Kane is a serious new talent in the world of steampunk space western sci-fi and is going to create waves with this book. A fantastic and highly original story, with characters who leap off the page. What more could you want?

N. Cook




Cannonball Express is a rip-roaring, rollercoaster ride of a brilliant book. I was hooked from the first page and read it in one breathtaking blast. In this highly imaginative and original tale, Kit Kane expertly weaves together sci-fi and western settings to create a whole new and fantastically realised world of possibilities and adventures. With an addictive, page turning storyline, loveable and hateable characters, and bundles of shocks, cliffhangers, and laugh-out-loud moments, Cannonball Express is an absolute winner all the way. (Steam) Roll on book two, I'm ready for another ride!

T. Gillespie




I loved it! A 200-ton steampunk space western sci-fi rollercoaster ride. Characters you root for instantly, brilliant villains, and what an awesome setting. Martian westerns! What’s not to love? Brilliant!

J. Mayhew