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CANNONBALL EXPRESS 4: Prisoners of Mars (eBook)

CANNONBALL EXPRESS 4: Prisoners of Mars (eBook)

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“Wow! It’s BUFFY meets FIREFLY on Mars with trains!”

- Barry J. Hutchison, bestselling author of SPACE TEAM

In the chaotic frontier colonies of western Mars, justice can sometimes go awry. So when Jess Flint and the crew of the Cannonball Express hear about a trainload of innocents bound for the darkest of fates, do our heroes step up? Damn right they do!

Unfortunately, so do the blackhats.

Cue a daring jailbreak, a race for freedom along the railroads of Mars, murderous bad guys in steam-copter gunships, and one flat-out crazy plan to get all the prisoners off-planet by sundown.

For Jess and her friends, it’s full-on do-or-die stuff, with danger reaching new heights when the Cannonball Express finally runs out of track... twenty-five kilometers above the Martian surface!

Now the only things that can save Jess and co from certain death are guts, teamwork, and some rusty old cans of expanding foam filler.

Oh, and the galaxy's best dog…

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