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CANNONBALL EXPRESS 1: Railroads of Mars (eBook)

CANNONBALL EXPRESS 1: Railroads of Mars (eBook)

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“Wow! It’s BUFFY meets FIREFLY on Mars with trains!”

- Barry J. Hutchison, bestselling author of SPACE TEAM

The Martian Badlands. Where mutants prowl and the air burns like acid. If Jess Flint misses just one more rent payment, that’s where she’ll be. Along with her kid brother, her ailing mom, and the shattered dreams of their new life as red planet colonists.

But Mars has secrets. BIG secrets…

… and in the depths of an abandoned alien junkyard, Jess finds their astonishing salvation – the preserved hulk of an Old West steam locomotive.

An engineer by trade, Jess rebuilds the ancient loco with alien super-tech, hires her two best friends as crew, drops an ad in the local paper—

Any Cargo

—and BAM! How’s Jess’s future looking now? Brighter? Bolder? Filled with thrilling new hope?

Sure. If she can handle the flesh-eating locusts, the six-armed gunslinger, and that terrifying lost world of Mars’s forgotten monsters…

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