CANNONBALL EXPRESS - A Sci-Fi Western Book Series by Kit Kane - Book 3 - Train Robbers of Mars - Ebook Cover - Image of a red sci-fi train thundering over the railroads of Mars, while in the background, lightning crashes and a heroic young woman struggles to control a rearing horse.

CANNONBALL EXPRESS 3: Train Robbers of Mars

Ain't nobody steals Jess Flint's train and gets away with it. No, sirree. So when the worst happens, it's up to Jess and Sally to saddle up, follow them wagons, and teach some blackhats a goddamn lesson in civility. Well... that was the plan, at least. What wasn't the plan was becoming lunch for the red planet's biggest and hungriest critter while neglecting to wear anything other than their pajamas. Now it looks as if someone is gonna have to rescue them.
PRINT LENGTH: 208 pages

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