CANNONBALL EXPRESS - A Sci-Fi Western Book Series by Kit Kane - Book 2 - Hellbeast of Mars - Ebook Cover - Image of a red sci-fi train thundering over the railroads of Mars, while a gigantic ape-like alien monster roars in the background.

CANNONBALL EXPRESS 2: Hellbeast of Mars

For Jess Flint and the crew of the Cannonball Express, it should have been the easiest of private charters - two harmless old ladies looking for passage west to visit a dying relative. So how did the Cannonball end up besieged by giant snakes while a certain fella from Staines learns the foxtrot from a dance partner who could disembowl him any second? As Jess herself remarks en route, "Evil circus owners? Monsters in frocks? Dave goes ninja? I swear God himself is making this up as he goes!"
PRINT LENGTH: 215 pages


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