CANNONBALL EXPRESS - A Sci-Fi Western Book Series by Kit Kane - Book 1 - Railroads of Mars - Ebook Cover - Image of a red sci-fi train thundering over the railroads of Mars, while being chased by a giant flying saucer.

CANNONBALL EXPRESS 1: Railroads of Mars

As jawdropping discoveries go, it was up there, for sure - unearthing the preserved hulk of an Old West steam locomotive in an abandoned alien junkyard on Mars! For Jess Flint though, that discovery is only the beginning - the opening chapter in a heartstopping adventure that will take Jess and her ragtag engine crew on a bullet-riddled journey of genetically enhanced monsters, daring rebel leaders, and a mysterious lost world that may hold the key to saving the entire red planet.
PRINT LENGTH: 200 pages

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